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Bow wow wow! The Yale Club of France
    le point de rencontre for Yale in France


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Yale Club of France's website. Whether you are just briefly passing through France or here to stay, we hope you'll consider taking part in the Yale Club activities.

Daniel Garcia

About the Club

Mission: The Yale Club of France exists to help connect Yalies in France with each other and to help raise Yale's profile in France.

Membership: Membership is simple and inexpensive. Dues are 40 € per year, 25 € for recent grads (5 years or less) and free for current Yale students. Our financial year runs July-June. Simply fill out the form and pay on-line or by check by clicking here.

Events: From dinners with guest speakers to happy hours and cocktails, from walking tours to joint events with other Clubs (Harvard, Princeton…), we hold a variety of different events throughout the year. Our aim is to appeal to as broad an audience of alumni as possible while keeping prices reasonable. (All our events are break-even.)

Upcoming events are listed here.

Past events for the current year are displayed here; annual summaries going back to 2004 are also provided.

Dinner with the Yale Club

If you are a Yale faculty member, alumnus or student in France for research, please consider participating in “Dinner with the Yale Club,” a favorite event of club members. The speaker discusses a topic of their choosing over dinner with a small group of alumni (maximum 15). The idea is to recreate the stimulation of a Yale seminar in the City of Light (and veritas). Past speakers have addressed topics as diverse as the future of supercomputers (October 2012), the restitution of art looted during WW2 (May 2010), human rights (March 2012), and the U.S. healthcare system (April 2012). There are no honoraria but we offer the meal for the speaker and one guest. If you are interested, please contact the club President by email.

April Admissions

For September 2022 matriculation (class of 2026), we had 3 students admitted to Yale College. Applications from France were 119 (vs 96 last year), which is an admit rate of 2.5%, vs. 4.5% Yale's overall admit rate. Many thanks to our interviewers who managed to interview about half the candidates in this exceptional year.

Other activities

The Club also supports efforts to help Yale, including interviews with prospective students, participating in local U.S. education fairs, and presenting the Yale Book Award to outstanding students in local high schools. People interested in interviewing should contact our ASC Director.


None of these functions or interviews would be possible without the generous support of our members. We have a continued need for help with activities planning and undergraduate interviewing. The more help we have, the easier it is to schedule these events to better serve our members. The commitment is never very demanding for any individual, so please consider volunteering. Click here for more information.

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